"Rocky blew me away by how fast he sent over concepts, made revisions, and got to final designs. Very rare these days. Can't wait to hire him again."

− Dann Petty

"Rocky did a great job interpreting what we were after and giving us a bunch of options in a short space of time - really enjoyed working with him."

− Dean Bradshaw

"Stay the F*** out of Portland!"

− Aaron Draplin

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Illustration | “Second Star to the Right & Straight on Till Morning”

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Had fun creating this fun illustration over the weekend. I’ve been really inspired by Disney lately and I hope to keep creating churning out some great doodles (: If anyone has something they’d like to see, please feel free to ask! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a great week! (:   If you’d like to see this and more, check out my dribbble!


Illustration | “Untethered”

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Finally got around to finishing this guy here! Super excited to share the whole thing with everyone! Going to be doing a larger version that I may get printed in the future... If there is an interest in prints that is.lol Huge props to Rogie King for helping me out with textures and for being such a great inspiration! And Kudos to Mike Jones for the help on choosing the final color treatment! You can see more of it and more of my work on my dribbble!   Here are some of the original sketches:

Illustration | Disney Project (WIP)

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Back in late 2014, one of my idols/friends Adam Grason suggested that I create some Disney themed illustrations to help diversify my work and possibly get me some more work in the future. I’ve always been a huge Disney fan, going back to when I was a little kid. I had almost all of the Disney movies on VHS and drove my mom crazy watching them over and over again. I still remember drawing Mickey and a bunch of other Disney characters. When I was little and having one of the 101 Dalmation pups as a stuffed animal that I carried around everywhere!(I still have it to this day packed up in a box somewhere.haha) One of my biggest dreams has always been to do work for Disney and Pixar. So I figured one of the best ways to possibly make that happen (as Adam suggested) was to actually create some Disney work. The little snippet that you see here is a little Work-In-Progress teaser of an illustration that I’ve been working on for about a week and a half (when I could find time). I’m hoping to share a few more shots of it over the next week or…


Illustration | “Allllllllllrighty Then!”

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Here is my second installment of the celebrity series, this time I decided to do Jim Carrey from Ace Ventura When Nature Calls. This is one of my favorite Jim Carrey roles!!! Super excited to see where this series takes me and if you have any suggestions of characters/celebrities let me know! (: You can see more of it and more of my work on Dribbble!